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Case VII

Schizophrenia : Treatment

1st Presentation: May 2005:Male 16 years old

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :This 16 year old youth has suddenly developed a bizarre and unusual belief that he has "no bone".  The thought disorder settles rapidly on Paill Spectrum type therapy and stays better.  These symptoms are generally described as psychosis.  Families become very distressed by odd unusual symptoms that are hard to understand. Mundane symptoms such as Lethargy, Sore shoulders and Malaise, not related to the bizarre thoughts are ignored, though these are relevant in the Paill Spectrum model.

Modern medicines just patch up the symptoms. They do not cure the disease. Why chose to let your loved ones deteriorate to the point where all that can be done is to lock them up, to stop them saying and doing weird things in public? Lock them up for their own safety and to avoid the discomfiture of people around them, not used to dealing with nuts.

If you have a "nut" in the family, you can do something more than just watch them slide into darkness.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :

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Paill Spectrum compatible antibiotic : suitable also for throat infections.


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Things are not as they seem, Neo.

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Feeling Strange : a shadow

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What Does Paill Spectrum look like?

Syndrome Picture!

Schizophrenia Treatment: Case VII

Schizophrenia, psychosis, madness, and schizo problems may all have a common cause, namely Paill Spectrum.  Treatment also improved learning problems, memory, ability to become involved in school and temperament. Bad behaviour needing medial or legal attention may also be treatable, if caused by Paill Spectrum.

It can also at times be extremely easy to see through the complexity and stupidity of the current medical system. Much of the complexity we have created ourselves, by creating distinctions between illnesses where really no differences exist at all. What is the difference between a patient suffering from depression, a child with autism an adult with anxiety and a psychiatric patient with schizophrenia? In the Paill Spectrum model , there is essentially no difference at all. All these sufferers have brain damage. Relentless. Progressive Brain Damage. The differences exist only because of the age at which different parts of the brain become damaged and the extent and distribution of the damage. It is not surprising that many of the effects of Paill Spectrum relate to behavioural abnormalities or learning difficulties.

Frobisher Beethoven : Conditions covered include: Autism, Aspergers, anxiety, depression, dyslexia, schizophrenia, memory loss, ADD, chronic fatigue, learning difficulties,bad behaviour, road rage, bad memory, sadness, anorexia, hyperactivity, insomnia, dizziness, epilepsy, hypoglycemia, panic attacks, feeling jittery, tremors and shakes, and post traumatic stress disorder. Paill Spectrum has physical symptoms as well. These include: sharp chest pains, Domestic Violence,, tennis elbow, sore stomach .

Treatments include gluten free diet, coeliac diet, vitamin tablets, herbal medicines, physical therapies and antibiotics. Good nutrition and the immune system are critical for the disease to be controlled.


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Frobisher Beethoven Currently, there is no proof that the Paill Spectrum model reflects an understanding of the physical world, as it exists. Still many doctors are foolish enough to believe that they (or the medical establishment) are able to know the answers, in a situation where there obviously are no answers at this time.

KinkajouKinkajou: " So they can't say the theory is wrong, because they don't know what is right".

ErasmusErasmus: Erasmus : "You should know by now the guys in charge always say they are right, mainly because they are bloody mindedly certain that they can't be wrong". Only a true psychotic would believe he / she is always right without due consideration of the circumstances.

Frobisher Beethoven : In interviews with our genesis doctor, the good doctor told Erasmus and Kinkajou about the years of consideration he has given the issue . His compatriot Dr Xxxxx says that after all the time spent learning to understand the advance inherent in the Paill Spectrum illness model, the theory works well and there has never been any experience or event that has cast any doubt about the theory and its practical applications. The medical establishment after looking at the issue for anything up to a few minutes believes the theory is wrong. The problem of course is that they have no idea what is right or what the answer is. Things just happen, seemingly by magic.

ErasmusErasmus: In the Paill Spectrum model of illnesses, there is NO event that occurs without a biomechanical cause. Everything happens for a reason. Often one of the Paill Spectrum reasons.

KinkajouKinkajou: So you reckon , there are no Acts of God.

ErasmusErasmus: Our doctor panel says "Every event that occurs in sickness or health", occurs as a result of changes in the functioning of the biological machinery of the body.

KinkajouKinkajou: How radical is that!

ErasmusErasmus: Hard to believe that in the 21st century , so many educated idiots believe in magic and only give lip service to the scientific method.

The model has been seen to work well in standard medical practice, according to Dr. Xxxxx. Even if only the most rudimentary of treatment interventions are used, they can give unusually good results, if the Paill Spectrum model is followed. Why trust Medical people who know they are right but don't have any answers? They can't tell you what to do to save yourself. See our advice sheets.

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Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Medical Science concentrates on schizophrenics being crazy because their brain chemical receptors are not working. Chemical Receptor focussed therapy with for example antipsychotic drugs does work to ease symptoms. However, after 50 years, no receptor has been identified as being responsible for schizophrenia. Big Pharma ( Big commercial companies, with big marketing budgets) still won't let go of the receptor concept, in spite of a river of evidence that "there is no evidence".

The situation of schizophrenics being "mad" is entirely akin to that of an anorexic being "fat". The only difference is in the focus of the mad thought.

Dr AXxxxx Dr AXxxxx : Fools! (sneers Dr AXxxxx). How do you fix the receptors of someone with brain damage? Its pretty obvious that you need to stop the progressive brain damage. Shoving some chemicals in to damp down the excitation in the dopaminergic neurones causing the hallucinations, isn't going to fix anything. Once "mad thoughts" are short circuited in place ( e.g. I am fat), chemicals start losing their effectiveness very rapidly.

Erasmus Erasmus: So, tell us a story, doc. What have you seen?