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Erasmus Erasmus: Each year, many patients attend hospitals or their medical practitioner to find out why they have abdominal pains. Many conditions are found. Typical abdominal pains in the Paill Spectrum family masquerade as either (sub-acute) pancreatitis or mid to right low abdominal pain. The pains can be quite severe , or very mild.

The condition may be difficult to diagnose. Typical symptoms include : epigastric pain, central epigastric pain, pain through to back, tenderness, abdominal pain in midline and at the bottom off into the r pelvic area. Typical blood tests for pancreatitis include traditionally serum amylase and serum lipase. Often pancreatitis diagnosed in the absence of positive blood tests or with mildly positive blood tests that are not really diagnostic.

Paill Spectrum causes are typical pattern of para-aortic pain and pubic pain. The Paill Spectrum model of disease proposes that there may often be unexpected disease symptoms present in patients who are thought to have pancreatitis. New alternative treatments for Pancreatitis may be possible under the Paill Spectrum model.



Many abdominal pains are hard to diagnose.  Often testing may not be able to confirm a diagnosis.  Paill Spectrum is responsible for a range of abdominal pains.  The significance of symptoms under the Paill Spectrum model are discussed

Paill Spectrum Infection does not cause pancreatitis.
It does however in the Paill Spectrum model, cause symptoms,
that at times can be confused with pancreatitis.
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The Paill Spectrum model (as pioneered by Dr. Xxxxx), describes abdominal pain as one of its symptoms. The pain is generally described as para-aortic in the Paill Spectrum Model, but the uppermost pain region does overlie the pancreas. Hence because the painful areas found by the doctor or experienced by the patient overlie the pancreas, any discomfort in this area is often described as pancreatitis. :-0
However, there may be a Paill Spectrum pancreatitis syndrome as well as a para-aortic sympathetic ganglionitis syndrome. They are in fact two different though often overlapping conditions.

I Get These Pains in my Stomach, that No-one Seems to Know What They Are.
So Could This be Pancreatitis?

To Diagnose Pancreatitis:

Typical symptoms are




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In Paill Spectrum Pancreatitis-Like Presentations: Typical Symptoms are

Central Epigastric Pain & Tenderness:


The Blood tests for serum Amylase or serum Lipase are normal or only very very mildly elevated. (usually)

Clinically, it may be very difficult to determine the difference between Paill Spectrum abdominal pain and sub-acute pancreatitis. However, the most definite difference resides is in the response to treatment. Back To Top
Paill Spectrum Infections respond to Paill Spectrum Treatment, whereas pancreatitis does not.

Typically antibiotic therapy may be required for several months to achieve symptom resolution or symptom easing. Treatment can in some unfortunates cause a massive symptom flare, but with long term symptom improvement. If the treatment is ceased, the symptoms may recur in three to nine months. Anorexia or not eating, may lead to nutritional problems that in the long term will exacerbate Paill Spectrum abdominal pain. It is usually easy to get some degree of pain / tenderness easing with Paill Spectrum treatment, but in about 20% of patients, usual first line antibiotic therapy will achieve only a small response of the symptoms to treatment. In these patients , multiple antibiotics (as per the Paill Spectrum Model Protocol) need to be used.
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Stomach Pain Assessment inc for pancreatitis

Long-Term Suggested Treatment Protocol:

Undertake the Paill Spectrum treatment program, if appropriate.

There is no reason why a person, cannot have two problems, so if you are a doctor, keep an open mind as to where your treatment is heading. In fact, many patients with real pancreatitis are in fact very likely to have Paill Spectrum as well. The question then comes back to: "is there a Paill Spectrum problem as well?" Back To Pancreatitis Top

A patient needs the assistance of a medical practitioner to undertake Paill Spectrum treatment. Currently the Paill Spectrum model has been pioneered by Dr. Xxxxx. It is not well known to the majority of practitioners. There is however sufficient information on this web site, to enable most practitioners to initiate and monitor treatment for a Paill Spectrum condition. The success of the treatment is usually of slow subtle but definite onset, and is obvious to the patient ,relatives close to the patient and their medical practitioner.


Paill Spectrum treatment comes as a package deal.  All of the types of nutritional and antibiotic therapy are critical to the long-term treatment success.  Bizarre events may occur with treatment, though predominantly with second line therapies.  The therapies promoted on this web site are freely promoted because they are the safest first line treatments that can change the course of the Paill Spectrum Illnesses causing the pain symptoms.  The Paill Spectrum model of disease as developed by Dr. Xxxxx suggests that these are possible signposts on the road to recovery, not as reasons to abandon treatment. Generally, if the advice on the "Download " is followed, treatment related immune flares are rare or minor. :-} Back To Pancreatitis Top

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Erasmus Erasmus : Pancreatitis Treatment New

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Discusses a new theory to explain pancreatitis like abdominal pain. The severe pains are reported by patients at hospitals. The Paill Spectrum model of disease proposes new alternative treatments for illness

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May be difficult to diagnose. Often diagnosed in the absence of positive blood tests. Paill Spectrum causes are typical pattern of para-aortic pain and pubic pain. Blood tests can help to confirm a diagnosis of illness.
Discusses a new theory to explain pancreatitis like abdominal pain. The severe pains are reported by patients at hospitals. The Paill Spectrum model of disease proposes new alternative treatments for illness

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Erasmus Erasmus : Some abdominal pains have very different causes to what is known to many doctors. If the treatment is wrong. there is little chance of recovering. Much expense is incurred and nothing achieved.

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx: Many people do not realise how common these Paill Spectrum conditions are. There is a pancreatitis like pain syndrome, possible even with usual positive blood markers for pancreatitis. If due to Paill Spectrum , this pain responds to antibiotics.

The other pain is in the middle of the stomach (right in the midline) and then goes over to where the appendix is on the right. The technical diagnosis is para-aortic sympathetic ganglionitis. It is probably the most common abdominal pain in the world. Most doctors would identify the pain but not have any idea what it is or how to treat it. They would say , if clever, yes you do find that in a lot of people. The patient undergoes and embarrassingly expensive series of tests and nothing is found. Yet the diagnosis is easily made clinically. The condition responds to antibiotics.

Dr AXxxxxDr Axxxx : Bah! Surely, you can see that if people keep complaining about these pains, they deserve to be labelled as either hypochondriacs or they should get the surgery for which they clamour. Good riddance!

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx:
Paill Spectrum is a new theory explaining the cause of a number of illness symptoms. It explains symptoms, signs, diagnosis and treatment.
You can improve your health.
You are not mad. You are sick. You can fix the problem.
Knowing the "cause" is everything.