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What is Paill Spectrum?

Erasmus Erasmus : What does Paill Spectrum Look Like?

Patients showing abnormal behaviour such as anger, violence, irritability, bad behaviour, rage, criminal behaviour, relationship problems may be showing symptoms of a newly identified syndrome called Paill Spectrum.
(Don't put up with doctors who don't believe you or who have written you off. Have a look at this site for some answers.)

The Paill Spectrum model points to this new condition causing substantial human behavioral changes . Paill Spectrum may play a significant role in inappropriate anger, irritability including symptoms of irritability that are exacerbated by menstrual cycles, aggression and violence. Indeed Paill Spectrum often presents with “rage” symptoms such as road rage or domestic violence. The model predicts that behavioral problems may reflect that the perpetrator of the bad behavior may also be a victim.

Till now, the only recommended treatment for bad behavior has been education or punishment. The Paill Spectrum model of disease proposes that behaviors can be altered by changes in nutrition, vitamin therapy, special diets and by specific antibiotic therapy. Bad people may be bad people for a reason, a reason that can be modified by treatments other than punishment or punitive education. The Paill Spectrum model may even explain why so many people seek alternate sources of advice as distinct from their usual medical practitioner.

Anger , irritability and violence may well be part of a newly identified syndrome known as Paill Spectrum. Symptoms include:

Numbat Goo Goo: This page has been the subject of a press release to UK, USA, Canada, Australia in 2005.

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx :What is Paill Spectrum?

Paill Spectrum is a newly developed medical disease model. This model aims to explain why a number of medical conditions with no currently medically known cause may develop. 

Although there are behavioural symptoms, there are physical symptoms of this illness as well. Common symptoms of Paill Spectrum include symptoms such as chronic fatigue, dyslexia like symptoms, chest wall pains, loss of balance, sweaty palms, elbow pain such as tennis elbow like symptoms, Fibromyalgia like aches and pains and unusual symptoms such as anxiety and jitters and panics occurring for no obvious reason, often inappropriately and often causing significant upsets or distress to the people involved. Included also are:

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : Paill Spectrum is a slow disease with a variable presentation due to the nature of the infection.

Numbat Goo Goo: So what you're saying Dr Xxxxx is that the bits that go bad, cause the symptoms. Because these bad bits vary from person to person in exact location and amount of damage, even people with the same diagnosis, look like they have different diseases"

Kinkajou Kinkajou :I am amazed at how well you understand this, Goo.

Dr AXxxxx Dr AXxxxx : Truly! Most humans are opinionated fools who deserve the pain, misery and early death they sign up for by believing what clueless doctors tell them.

Erasmus Erasmus: People can and do learn. They just need to learn to have an open mind.

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx :

Due to the mechanism of brain damage causing illness, it is not surprising that many of the effects of Paill Spectrum relate to behavioural abnormalities or learning difficulties. Because they are not really different at a basic level, many psychiatric illnesses blend into each other and patients end up being diagnosed with different psychiatric illnesses at different stages of their lives.

Dr AXxxxx Dr AXxxxx :
(cackle) " One to rule them. One to find them. One to bring them in and with darkness bind them" .

Erasmus Erasmus : Paill Spectrum Affects Behavior Commonly

Paill Spectrum changes people’s behaviour. This happens in many different ways. People feel unwell and may experience anger, irritability, anxiety, panic or depressive like symptoms. Rage can occur. In children personality traits, can be altered, and learning and socialization issues occur, (in the Paill Spectrum model). People withdraw and may become tired and unmotivated. People make poor and often impulsive decisions.

Paill Spectrum affects families. :-) :-\ :-/ :-']

Many Paill Spectrum victims describe behaviors that are a substantial departure from their normal behavior. behavior.  Not everyone becomes violent, but behavior does change. change.  Behaviour changes noticeably and consistently. Some people have strange thoughts. How often have you heard a bitter divorcee talk about their ex and say that they were mad? Perhaps there may be a kernel of truth indeed in this comment.

In the PaillSpectrum model, the PaillSpectrum germ is suspected to be found in many other common medical conditions, (which have currently no known cause). :-[ Back to Top Paill


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Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : About Paill Spectrum,
the Newly Identified Medical Condition

The Paill Spectrum model of disease as developed by us, suggests that there has now been identified a new clinical disease suspected to be caused by an infectious organism. organism.  The clinical syndrome caused by this organism is called Paill Spectrum. The conditions will respond to treatment with intensive nutrition and antibiotics . :-]]

The basic symptoms are:

PaillSpectrum appears clinically to be a very common infection. It causes very common problems. It has very common symptoms. :-|
The PaillSpectrum germ appears to be found in many other common medical conditions, (which have currently no known cause).

More Basic Syndrome Information is available on the site at the Syndrome Page
Tell more more about the mood changes of this illness. ?? Road Rage

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If you want proof in the form of a double blind randomised placebo controlled trials, Erasmus and Kinkajou believe you are an absolute idiot who has learned some big words that intimidate uneducated louts. Learn the limitations of your knowledge and apply some humility in at least attempting to understand the opinions of others. If you can't, you'll probably get what you deserve, which is to be the last member of the human race to get admission to a nursing home bed as a vegetable.

Numbat Goo Goo: : Doctors may feel that the theory of Paill Spectrum is wrong, because things just happen to make people ill. There is no cause. There is no explanation. These events occur at random, Acts of God, if you will.

Our genesis doctor's stance is strangely at odds with these statements.
Doc states that everything happens for a reason.
For every physical or psychological event where there is a change in human behaviour or where there are new symptoms, there is a physical (real) event occurring to cause the illness, event or symptoms.
A simple law of “cause and effect”. T
here are no illnesses that just "happen".

Erasmus Erasmus : One of the problems of being an old dog. You're stuck with your old tricks and its hard to adjust to new perceptions of reality. Knowledge can give you choices. I will do my best to make sure that the knowledge is there. All of it. But in the long run, you need to embrace knowledge and use it to plan your destiny. That's hard for most people.

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Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : What Paill Spectrum Look Like?

Patients showing anger, violence, irritability, bad behaviour, rage, criminal behaviour, relationship problems may be showing symptoms of a newly identified syndrome called Paill Spectrum. Blood tests can help to confirm a diagnosis of illness in patients with anger, violence, irritability, bad behaviour, road rage, trolley rage, register rage, Violence, arguing teenager, arguments, bicker and fight, criminal behaviour, relationship problems, family arguments, domestic violence, poor judgement, criminal behaviour, and even paranoia. This web page discusses a new theory to explain strange behaviors: Rage, violence, poor judgement, paranoia, criminal behaviour, memory loss, legal issues or legal problems. :-]

Other symptoms of the syndrome are chronic fatigue, tiredness, sleepiness, memory loss, jitters and panics, anxiety attacks, dizziness or loss of balance, aches and pains such as sore elbows, sore chest, abdominal pain, sore backs of knees, sore Achilles tendons, sore and stiff hands.


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Erasmus Erasmus : In the Paill Spectrum model of illnesses, there is NO event that occurs without a biomechanical cause. Everything happens for a reason. Often one of the Paill Spectrum reasons.

: Kinkajou Kinkajou:: So you reckon , there are no Acts of God.

Erasmus Erasmus : Our doctor panel says "Every event that occurs in sickness or health", occurs as a result of changes in the functioning of the biological machinery of the body.

: Kinkajou Kinkajou: How radical is that!

Erasmus Erasmus :Hard to believe that in the 21st century , so many educated idiots believe in magic and only give lip service to the scientific method.

The model has been seen to work well in standard medical practice, according to Dr. Xxxxx. Even if only the most rudimentary of treatment interventions are used, they can give unusually good results, if the Paill Spectrum model is followed. Why trust Medical people who know they are right but don't have any answers? They can't tell you what to do to save yourself. See our advice sheets.

Numbat Goo Goo: : Every Little bit helps. If you want answers , help us to get them for you.
Erasmus & Kinkajou need support if they are to keep bringing information to you online.


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Erasmus Erasmus : The Paill Spectrum model of disease developed by the original Dr Xxxxx, is a new theory about disease and illness. You can regain your health, like many others.

Kinkajou Kinkajou : Doctors can prescribe medicines, but strangely they can’t make you better. So why do so many people flock to Naturopaths, even though they can’t prescribe medicines or pharmaceutical drugs to treat you?. It is because Naturopaths, unlike doctors can make you better.
Nutritional and dietary therapy (choosing healthy foods) can make a huge difference to your health.
(So, what is really new in this statement to most of us?)
But if you want to preserve your health, you need to make the right decisions.
Many of our health recommendations are based on what specific commercial interests are keen to sell us.

Numbat Goo Goo:
“Good for You” in the Paill Spectrum model is a very specific thing.
Many of our healthy foods are potentially damaging to our health.
Choosing foods that make you feel good, does not guarantee that they are good for you.
Make sure you make the right decision for yourself, as others have.

Erasmus Erasmus : So the crux of Paill Spectrum is:
Paill spectrum causes all these symptoms and all these conditions. 
One cause therefore one treatment.
The same treatment will make a difference in all these conditions. 
There is only one disease causing all of these problems and conditions in the Paill Spectrum theory.