Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : Looking at Prognosis, Based on Common Symptoms of Paill Spectrum

Erasmus Erasmus : Paill Spectrum symptoms are often wrongly identified as being normal or just “old age”.

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : 1. Paill Spectrum Symptom: Chronic Fatigue

You are likely to develop some unusual changes in your life over the next few years

Typical problems include worsening tiredness, increasing pain, increasing discomfort with exercise, and increased need for painkillers to get through the day.  The pains flare after exercise or activity and settle poorly with most medical treatments. Back to top  More than eight hours sleep per night may be a common sleep pattern for many people, but the PaillSpectrum model suggests that it is very definitely not normal. Strangely enough, many people who may sleep nine or ten hours per day, would still argue that they do not have any chronic fatigue. They feel well enough even though they sleep a lot.


Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : 2. Paill Spectrum Symptom: Dizziness, Loss of Balance :~{

These symptoms are never normal. Back to top . Many patients develop very severe deterioration in their balance often without being aware how severe their problems are. They may be unable to walk in the dark to go to the toilet without risking a serious fall. They may often be unbalanced enough to fail a drunkenness test. While these symptoms can be lifestyle restricting, the Paill Spectrum model predicts that other symptoms will develop with time. e.g. Memory Loss, easily seen in testing a person using phone number recall as a basis of memory assessment.

Assessing hand symptoms e.g. sweatiness in Paill Spectrum.

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : 3. Paill Spectrum Symptom: Sweaty Hands

Ongoing, Sweaty hands are not normal. (i.e. Chronic hand sweatiness where this is not directly attributable to heat, exertion or humidity). Many people have this symptom of excessive hand sweatiness for many years, but the most probable cause of this symptom is illness.  Paill Spectrum is by far the most common cause of this symptom.  There are many treatments, but all of these treatments address the symptom, not the cause. Back to top 

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : 4.Paill Spectrum Symptom: Sore Chest, Sore Elbows :-[

So, what is it? 
Paill Spectrum disease model may give the answer. :->

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : 5.Paill Spectrum Symptom: Jitters & Panics

Many Paill Spectrum patients develop brief attacks of jitters and panics and can briefly feel strange sensations in parts of their body.  They may describe increasing relationship or work problems due to their snappiness and worsening memory.  These changes in behaviour are often noticeable to people around the patient. Back to top 

The symptoms of jitters and panics can be so severe and incapacitating that these patients seek long term and high dose sedatives, or even chronic alcohol use to alleviate their symptoms Alternatively, the symptoms can be so mild and fleetingly transient, that a patient with these symptoms, would not even bother to mention them to a friend or a medical carer, or ask about these symptoms.

Numbat Goo Goo: : There are many more symptoms of Paill Spectrum. While the symptoms appear random in their nature, they are actually closely related. Unusual symptoms may include such symptoms as palpitations or distorted memory.

Erasmus Erasmus : Many other events happen to people in the longer term also.
Some clinical complications of
Paill Spectrum infection may take years to appear.
Dr. Dr Xxxxx has gleaned his conclusions from years of longitudinal observations of cases in his medical practice.

Chronic Fatigue, dizziness, loss of balance, sweaty hands, sore chest and tennis elbow or golfers elbow are likely warnings of a future deterioration in health. Common long term problems include: anger, irritability and violence leading to relationship and work problems, memory loss, depression like symptoms, panics and jitters.

What are the common symptoms of this condition? Might I have them?

For More Clinical Information: See :>>

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A simple law of “cause and effect”. T
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