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Erasmus Erasmus : How does Paill Spectrum Affect Behaviour?

Patients showing anger, violence, irritability, bad behaviour, rage, criminal behaviour, relationship problems may be showing symptoms of a newly identified syndrome called Paill Spectrum. Blood test result changes correlate with a diagnosis of illness in patients with anger, violence, irritability, bad behaviour, road rage, trolley rage, register rage, Violence, arguing teenager, arguments, bicker and fight, criminal behaviour, relationship problems, family arguments, domestic violence, poor judgement, criminal behaviour, and even paranoia. This web page discusses a new theory to explain strange behaviors: Rage, violence, poor judgement, paranoia, criminal behaviour, memory loss, legal issues or legal problems. :-]

Other symptoms of the syndrome are chronic fatigue, tiredness, sleepiness, memory loss, jitters and panics, anxiety attacks, dizziness or loss of balance, aches and pains such as sore elbows, sore chest, abdominal pain, sore backs of knees, sore Achilles tendons, sore and stiff hands or sweaty hands.

Numbat Goo Goo: : Are not these symptoms common, Erasmus?

Erasmus Erasmus : The question is really should common symptoms have common causes? No one else can explain these symptoms and why they occur. Maybe there is an explanation for all these symptoms and signs of illness.

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If you want proof in the form of a double blind randomised placebo controlled trials, Erasmus and Kinkajou have stated that it appears you are an absolute idiot who has learned some big words that intimidate uneducated louts. Learn the limitations of your knowledge and apply some humility in at least attempting to understand the opinions of others. If you can't, you'll probably get what you deserve, which is to be the last member of the human race to get admission to a nursing home bed as a vegetable.

Numbat Goo Goo: : Doctors may feel that the theory of Paill Spectrum is wrong, because things just happen to make people ill. There is no cause. There is no explanation. These events occur at random, Acts of God, if you will.

Our genesis doctor's stance is strangely at odds with these statements.

Doc states that everything happens for a reason.
For every physical or psychological event where there is a change in human behaviour or where there are new symptoms, there is a physical (real) event occurring to cause the illness, event or symptoms.
A simple law of “cause and effect”. There are no illnesses that just "happen".

Numbat Goo Goo: It seems strange to think that any educated person can be at odds with these statements.

Erasmus Erasmus : One of the problems of being an old dog. You're stuck with your old tricks and its hard to adjust to new perceptions of reality. Knowledge can give you choices. I will do my best to make sure that the knowledge is there. All of it. But in the long run, you need to embrace knowledge and use it to plan your destiny. That's hard for most people.

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How Does Paill Spectrum Affect Behavior?

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : How does Paill Spectrum Affect Behaviour?

Some Paill Spectrum victims perform incredible acts of senseless violence. violence.  Often the police are called. called.  Surprisingly, the Paill Spectrum treatment may improve the behaviour, the criminal activity, and the violence. The symptoms of improvement in anger and irritability are noticeable to patients and their carers, and their acquaintances. When symptoms and signs consistent with the Paill Spectrum syndrome are present, the changes in behaviour may be marked and easily noticeable.

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : People usually describe the behaviour, as "It’s just not like me.”  I have never done anything like that before.  I don't know why on earth I did that.”  They may also say, "I can see myself do it, but I can't stop myself.”  “Road Rage” has a medical explanation.  “Road Rage” perpetrators similar to many Paill Spectrum victims, describe behaviours that are a substantial departure from their normal behaviour. behaviour.  :-\
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Road Rage can have serious consequences.
Happy family scenes are not the norm with Paill Spectrum behavioural changes.

Erasmus Erasmus : Behavioural Effects, Violence & Road Rage. Newly Identified Disease: PaillSpectrum Affects Behaviour

Dr. Xxxxx has identified symptoms and signs consistent with the PaillSpectrum model of disease, in many patients over three years. years.  The symptoms are often present for many years, before people seek medical help.  Many patients are unaware that their Paill Spectrum Illnesses may be disguised as another complaint.

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx :

Patients showing anger, violence, irritability, bad behaviour, rage, criminal behaviour, relationship problems may be showing symptoms of a newly identified syndrome called Paill Spectrum.

Numbat Goo Goo: : See the Cases on the Web Site at https://www.EnKPaill.com There are different presentations of the Paill Spectrum Syndrome in different age groups..  A sample of typical Paill Spectrum cases is available for viewing on the “Paill” Web Site,   In every case, there are symptoms of the Paill Spectrum Syndrome present.
What can you confuse this condition with?
Things are not as they seem, Neo.

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : How Does Paill Spectrum Affect Behaviour?
Looking at the World From A different Point of View:

I remember going home and watching some TV. Some old bloke on TV was having a fight with his neighbour. As I remember, he was erecting a complicated fence and alarm system on the boundary line. He would often yell at the people next door and accuse them of doing things to his yard. He would also accuse them of spying on him.

His behaviour was strong and bizarre. He had an absolute conviction he was right. He was totally insightless as to the peculiarity of his behaviour. Could he really be normal? How could this type of thinking be normal? Had he been this way all his life?

The behaviour was very unusual. Still he was capable of dealing with reality and making decisions that seemed to some extent sensible to other people. No one was certainly accusing him of having schizophrenia. He obviously had unusual intense beliefs that bordered on psychosis. But he was not psychotic in the usual medical sense. He was also quite irritable, angry and argumentative. This behaviour pattern should make people raise an eyebrow.

This patient had symptoms that suggested a Paill Spectrum Behavioural Disturbance. (In the Paill Spectrum model, older patients would be expected not have any speech or language symptoms, unlike younger patients.)

I remembered one elderly woman of whom I know. She occasionally told me about how her neighbours were trying to do things to her or were spying on her. The story had been checked many times by the local police and her family. There did not seem to be any element of reality in her complaints.

Yet, she is still capable of dealing with reality and making sensible decisions. When her carer started to take notes of the bizarre things she was saying, she noticed what the carer was doing and decided that it was best not to let the carer keep on making notes. She asked the carer what they were doing and stopped her crazy diatribe.

Obviously, she was not schizophrenic. Obviously, she really wasn’t quite right either. She was not schizophrenic. She did not have dementia. Something in her brain was working in an unusual way. She was capable of understanding that the things she was saying may not be accepted by everybody, as sane. Also, she was capable of understanding the possible consequences of the carer writing down her comments. Her brain was working well enough to let her deal with reality, though obviously she had some very unusual ideas that were psychotic in nature. She did not have psychosis in the usual medical sense, though.

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : How Does Paill Spectrum Affect Behaviour?
Looking at the World From A different Point of View:

When you start looking, strange behaviours are common, not rare.

The next step is to consider the strange behaviour seen in many older people and to scan the media (e.g. TV) for people with strange behaviour.
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A number of unusual things become evident as you may watch TV or listen to the news. Really strange things. It’s always an eye opener when the family would all say. “Why did he do that?” “What’s wrong with that bloke?” Intuitively, they could tell that there was something wrong. It was that obvious. They just didn’t know how to interpret the observations.

It would be logical to conclude that there must be something going on inside the heads of all these people with bizarre behaviour, to explain these behaviours.

What was wrong with the woman in the movie “Swim Fan”? In this movie, the woman developed a fixation on an athlete and no matter what happened or what was said to her, would not believe that the athlete really did not "love" her. She decided to eliminate or punish everyone in bizarre dangerous ways.

Was she mad? On the other hand, did she just have a specific cross-linked thought coupled with poor judgement? I really felt sorry for the poor girl. If you believe that she had Paill Spectrum, she must have gone through her illness alone. Even at the end of the movie, no one was even thinking of helping her. Just another crazy dangerous human being. “Good riddance for all our sakes” seemed to be the final emotive conclusion to the TV film. This story suggested the presence of a psychotic intensity belief that would be explained by the Paill Spectrum disease model.

A number of strange behaviours become obvious, while watching TV. You could also often see the Paill Spectrum pattern of basic symptoms and the basic Paill Spectrum findings in the background. A notable case was an individual accused of a fixation with children, who showed signs of surprising amounts of bruising, though the police deny vehemently that they had been rough or violent in their treatment of him. The physical evidence showed significant bruising consistent with physical manhandling. However, if the person bruised easily such as the Paill Spectrum model would predict, maybe normal physical handling was responsible for the bruising. Some of my friends would say that you could pick the Paill Spectrum victims, (such as this poor bloke), from a distance.

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : How Does Paill Spectrum Affect Behaviour?
Other Examples of Strange Behaviour:

Poor Judgement Syndromes: People, for example, would go on TV shows like American idol with no conception that maybe there was something wrong with them and that their performance was nowhere near as good as they felt it was. What on earth is wrong with these people? On the same note, do the people who feature so prominently on the Jerry Springer Show, hope to make a claim of mainstream normality. Everyone in the audience realizes that there is something wrong with them, yet probably no doctor would be able to make a diagnosis of a psychiatric illness in the majority of these people.

Paranoia: This is typified by the little old lady living alone at home and always imagining that strange things are happening. People are trying to break into her house or are trying to steal things from her. She may see ghosts or people walking through her house. Occasionally, she would mention a few crazy ideas, such telling about events affecting people in her life. Typically these include events such as marriages or buying real estate, that are obviously untrue, if you know the little old lady well.

However, people like this lady are sane enough to answer questions sensibly, though they have some reality issues. I have seen lots of TV shows where harassed and overworked police are always called to attend some little old lady who always seems to be calling the police up about people stealing things from her. Interesting!

Alternately some of the “paranoiac” people have a have a grandiose flavour to their ideas. They describe how the Prime Minister or President has known them and maybe visited one of the person’s close relatives in the last few weeks.

It all makes perfect sense when you consider that what you are dealing with is a cross-linked memory of abnormal intensity and/or type. The person would just normally think about the Prime Minister or the President, but would have these thoughts cross-linked into their “reality.”

The Paill Spectrum model would make you wonder whether paranoia could relate to a psychotic level inappropriate belief that "people were doing things to you".

Impulsiveness, Aggression, Irritability & Violence: Typically, this is the weird old bloke having arguments with all of his neighbours and convinced it's all the rest of them, who are actually the bad neighbours. Back to Paill Behaviour Top

Another story I remember, is about a young man on a date with his girlfriend. One such man in Brisbane, stabbed his female companion 27 times after an argument. Didn’t this person have any conception after the first stab, that maybe he would be caught and punished for this? Most of us could understand “once” in being driven to violence, but 27 times. It again makes perfect sense when you consider they have a condition making their mind work the wrong way. These victims of Paill Spectrum act impulsively, aggressively and display poor judgement.

He drove home after the incident and was caught by the police. Would any normal person expect to "escape" the consequences of these actions, by just going home and hiding there, under the bed? Or would you think that you could hide safely under the bed after committing such a crime?

Kinkajou Kinkajou : It would be interesting to consider how much human history has been changed by Paill Spectrum. There is the story of one dictator who just had to have his sleep, when the invasion of his country began. He persisted until the bitter end with his questionable judgement. He had no concept of the unreality of his expectations or the probability of success of his plans. Of course too much speed may have helped the paranoia. However, intense conviction of rightness of your ideas is a very Paill Spectrum phenomena Violence, aggression, irritability and poor judgement may have a Paill Spectrum explanation. Often being famous just means more "public" consequences.

Erasmus Erasmus : Certainly there are some incredible pieces of classic literature. The Count of Monte Cristo tells the story of one young man imprisoned wrongly for many years, with obviously dubious nutrition. What would his main thought have been for all those years? An easy answer: hatred and revenge.

Kinkajou Kinkajou: Take these thoughts and add a bit of Paill Spectrum and some time and what do you get. Someone with poor judgement and impulsiveness who has a psychotic intensity hatred and thirst for revenge. For him the hatred and need for revenge would overshadow any “reasonable” thought of just getting on with his life. The risk of getting even would seem to disappear and the actions of powerful people taken to defend themselves would be discounted.

Erasmus Erasmus : Luckily, things turned out well for the Count of Monte Cristo, but then I suppose it’s only a story. Generally, most PaillSpectrum affected people have poor planning and poor impulse control. Abilities that don't help you in exacting a measured vengeance.

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : There was a good cop show on TV recently, where a citizen was convicted rightly of a crime he committed. He spent the next ten or so years in prison blaming his incarceration on the jury. Add a bit of Paill Spectrum in the environment of a single intense feeling persisting for years and what might you get. He develops an intense conviction that the jurors must be punished for what they did to him. In the movie, he is released and proceeds to capture, torture or kill the jurors, he blames for what happened to him. After all, in older Paill Spectrum patients, the planning ability is left largely intact, (*though with lapses in judgement).  You just get this extra thought that won’t go away.

The media kept on suggesting stories that kept on fitting into the Paill Spectrum model of intense inappropriate beliefs.

Kinkajou Kinkajou: Can someone use Paill Spectrum to get off a criminal charge? The answer is both "Yes" and "No".
Yes it explains their behaviour and that perhaps the behaviour was the result of an outside influence. "No”, the Paill Spectrum model also predicts that they will also likely offend again. In fact, one of the most important parts of their therapy may be the long drawn out court process of public "shaming". This teaches them that what they have done is wrong. The process occurs in a time frame long enough to affect nerve rewiring. Finally, in the western world prisoners enjoy good food, a regulated lifestyle and education via the TV. These mundane facets of life are probably the most important elements of rehabilitation according to the Paill Spectrum model. They allow the body to effect repairs and rewire Paill Spectrum affected areas.

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : You wonder what would happen to the citizens of a country if they grew up hating the citizens of another country. Add a bit of poverty, early access child care, poor nutrition with wheat allergy and Paill Spectrum. What sort of mad (cross-linked) thoughts should eventuate? These people develop an intense conviction that the other people must be punished for all the wrongs they must have inflicted upon them.

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : Finally Blanking Syndromes & Memory Syndromes: These people look like a curtain has been pulled over their brain. They have gone into brain lock and don’t seem to be saying too much, don’t seem to be doing too much, do seem to be pulling back from life, activity, and normal relations. They suddenly stop work or can’t work anymore. There was one person I saw who had learned to jury-rig his memory by programming 20 reminders for himself into his mobile phone each day. Everyone knew he did it. No one seemed to really sit up and take notice as to why he would have to do something so strange.

A course of Paill Spectrum type therapy made an immense difference to his life. The improvement was very obvious to his partner as well. They were able to get on with their lives. There were no illegal drugs involved. Back to Paill Behaviour Top

As you run through the list of these syndromes, a number of thoughts occur to you. How much unusual behaviour that we see in our daily lives may have a Paill Spectrum cause?

Erasmus Erasmus : How Does Paill Spectrum Affect Behaviour? Questions Asked

Could this explain the doctor in England, who for no obvious reason decides to kill the elderly women patients in his practice? All it would take would be an intense conviction that he hated elderly ladies and that he was absolutely right to end their lives.

Could this explain the irrational acts of violence that sometimes occur? People who engage in acts of aggression that while they have the sympathy of their fellow countrymen, are not examples that many of their own compatriots, care to emulate.

Could this explain why people do unusual acts to children or other people? Many of these events display a type of questionable judgement, that no normal people would understand. A notable recent public figure that says he still would repeat his association with children in spite of the difficulties this has caused him in his personal life. What could be wrong with this nut? Doesn’t he learn from experience, like normal people do?

I was more than a bit concerned, when I saw the bruises on him after supposedly being roughed up by the police when he was arrested. Everyone swore black and blue in fact, that they hardly touched him. In spite of evidence to the contrary, (I did actually see the bruises on TV), I believe they probably did not "rough" him up at all. He probably has the symptom of easy bruising, which is a typical symptom of Paill Spectrum infection.

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : Easy bruising in Paill Spectrum infection is a likely consequence of Immune activation causing rises in tissue levels of Interleukin 2, resulting in typical increases in vascular permeability. A touch then becomes a bruise. I think people who bruise easily, especially those who modern medicine can find nothing wrong with, may actually have a very real problem.

Could Paill Spectrum explain why a normal person suddenly becomes a homicidal maniac? Why people suddenly after years of innocuous activity such as working as a postal worker, suddenly decide to run amok with a weapon. Human literature abounds with stories of people fixated on revenge. Forever! At any price!

Could this explain why some people get into strange fights with ALL of their neighbours?

Erasmus Erasmus : These syndromes come in all degrees of severity.

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : I remember one woman who was a very placid understanding soul. She couldn’t understand how she had taken part in two recent big fights with her boyfriend, one of which was associated with sudden onset, severe crying which settled down to her usual good mood thereafter. She hit her boyfriend on one occasion. She told me “I’ve never done anything like that ever in my life. I don’t really understand why I did it now. It’s just not me. It was all over something totally trivial too.”

Her hormonal cycles had not changed. She could not blame her hormones. The question I was forced to ask is: "What could be responsible for the aggression, impulsiveness and irritability she had displayed?" "Was this a Paill Spectrum infection?" Would subsequent blood tests be positive for the marker Immunoglobulins?

This behaviour was far from what you could call serious. Still she felt it was unusual. Should some other therapy beside antidepressants and sedatives perhaps be considered?

Erasmus Erasmus : You suddenly realize that human beings have been taking these crazies for granted for years, but no one ha ever tried to explain where the crazies have come from. What is the mechanism that made them ?

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : One woman told me of the physical abuse she suffered at the hands of her partner, who just couldn’t seem to remember it the next day. Strange that? Maybe you could blame the alcohol. If the partner came in to see a doctor for a check up, would Paill Spectrum markers be found to be present? The alcohol intake would exacerbate the behaviour. Use of alcohol also implies possible poor nutrition with predictable Paill Spectrum complications as predictable consequences.

Parents tell me of the bizarre violent behaviour perpetrated by their young teenage children. Angry! Violent! Argumentative! It just seems to make no sense. The behaviour was substantially different to much of their earlier behaviour. The parents did not see the problems coming. The children would be expected to be perhaps showing Paill Spectrum symptoms and signs. The blood tests would perhaps be expected to be positive for the Paill Spectrum inflammatory marker. Should the children be simply put on antidepressants and tranquillizers or should some other therapy be considered. The mother subsequently reported the children subsequently responding very spectacularly to a wheat free diet, as recommended by their natural therapy advisor. These types of responses may be quite spectacular and obvious to all concerned. Back to Paill Behaviour Top

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : How Does Paill Spectrum Affect Behaviour? Personality Overlays: 

I think your underlaying personality is important. Many people would never even think of violence.
If you tend to be a belligerent bulldozer sort, violence is going to be a problem. You will just show less judgement and restraint when getting angry. Road Rage may have a medical cause.

If you are a passive accepting or supporting sort of person, just crazy thoughts or a little irritability, is what you’ll get.
If you harbour an underlying resentment or hatred, Paill Spectrum will elevate your convictions to a new intense and inappropriate level. A Paill Spectrum affected individual is a lot more likely to act on his beliefs than a normal person. .

There are actually quite a lot of these types of people around. Many have no formal diagnosis. 

Kinkajou Kinkajou: The concept of this illness will change the face of the legal profession. Are those bizarre aggressive or road raging individuals bad and mad? On the other hand, do they just have Paill Spectrum injury? Is Paill Spectrum an excuse for their behaviour? Is Paill Spectrum a reason to fear these people forever? Do stalkers have an intense inappropriate belief underlying their behaviour? Paill Spectrum may have a lot to answer for.

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : I had a friend with Carbon Monoxide brain damage. I believe his frontal lobes were affected. A change of behaviour, increased irritability and social withdrawal resulted. Many, but not all of his specialists, refused to accept that anything had happened. However, if you talked to people who knew him, such as his family, the changes were obvious. At least with Paill Spectrum, there’s a blood test that will confirm active disease. In Paill Spectrum, in the long term, the body’s immune system defeats the disease. The mind stays damaged though.

I remember one person with a car accident related head injury to his frontal lobes. He tells the story that he had been living in a caravan park. One night when the bats were beginning to annoy him, he decided that he could go out and shoot them to abate the nuisance. He then had this thought. If I shoot the bats, the caravan park owner will be annoyed. His solution was to decide to go and shoot the caravan park owner instead. It makes sense in a twisted sort of logic.

Thankfully, he just had enough judgement to call the police and discuss his plan with them. They told him to sit tight and they would come and have a discussion with him personally. He was quite happy to do this, as he really was in a quandary as to whether to shoot the caravan park owner or the bats. The police took the gun away and no one was hurt. The patient became a restricted patient under the Mental Health Act in the state of Queensland.

Erasmus Erasmus : Still the question beckons. Are people like this, common out there?

I would invite you to watch the news or reality TV (e.g. Britain’s worst driver) and form your own opinion. Are all these people you see on TV normal? If not, where do they come from?

Maybe it’s Paill Spectrum, keeping Jerry Springer in work. These people all seem to have a certain something. They are usually very fat or unusually thin. They tend to speak funny or in some semi-distinctive way. They cannot see why anyone else would view their actions in any way different to the way they would. They tend to do impulsive and angry things. (It doesn’t help that the audience is geared up to sink the barbs in and really stir them up the wrong way. Back to Paill Behaviour Top

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : The Paill Spectrum disease model would predict that many affected people would have reduced energy levels. If they slow down because they have to, they will put on weight. If they have significant and more importantly untreated wheat / gluten allergies, they will have poor absorption of their food. These people will not gain weight. In short, not all patients with fatigue will gain weight. There are many factors besides tiredness hat affect weight gain or loss.

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : The most common Paill Symptoms (phase 1) can be summarised as the characteristic symptoms of:


There are some associated features of illness:


In later stages of illness, (phase 2), the common thread amongst Paill Spectrum Behaviour Syndromes is always abnormal intensity or abnormal types of thoughts. These patients may also show "symbolic speech processing” deficits.

Homo Sapiens has a long tradition of dealing with innovative thinkers. For thousands of years, lots of humans have seen things, that no one else could see. It's a natural human condition. Generally, where such human foibles are harmless and not illegal, the perpetrator is labelled eccentric. Where such humans are divorced from reality, expert members of the medical profession willingly step into the breach, to assist the unfortunate human on the path to wellness.  Medicines help bring the errant human being back to reality. The patient, society and the doctor are all generally happy with the effects of the treatment. People get better. People become happy and the problem goes away. Mental illness obviously can't be prevented. Probably just bad genes are responsible.

Where these deviations from reality are too extreme and lead to harm being done to society, the person is taken in hand by officialdom. Assuming they can be caught. We call them terrorists or murderers, depending on how they become involved in public events. It’s happened this way, for a long time.

But all these observations have a common thread. Many "normal" people watching the behaviours as on TV, are struck by the bizarreness of it all. The questions we all ask are: "What on earth could be wrong with him/her? Why did he/she do that?" We would all routinely ask these questions not expecting an answer.

The Paill Spectrum model would propose that there is a Paill Spectrum answer for much of the behaviour that we accept as normal in our daily lives.

These "strange" people have not always been like that. If that were the case, we would all know of examples of strange people we grew up with, and would never be surprised that our old friends do "strange" things. There would be families of strange people and normal people. With Paill Spectrum, these things never happen. Life is just as we see it. All with no rhyme or reason for it all. Till now. Back to Paill Behaviour Top


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What is Paill SpectrumHow will Paill Spectrum affect meWhat else does Paill Spectrum look likeDownload symptoms signs and Gluten Free Cookbook

Rationale for Discovery of Paill SpectrumFAQs re Paill Spectrum illnessHow does Paill Spectrum affect BehaviourThoughts re unexplained illness & disease

Erasmus Erasmus : In the PaillSpectrum model, not everyone becomes violent, but behaviour does change. change.  Behaviour changes noticeably and consistently.  Marriage and relationship break-ups may have a medical aspect.

What do all these people have in common? common?  The answer is anger, irritability, and aggression. aggression.  In the extreme case, it could be described as being like “Road Rage”.  However, in more mundane day-to-day presentations, descriptions like “Register Rage”, “Trolley Rage”, or just “Bad Behaviour” come more readily to mind.

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : Changes in human behaviour, are typical of first and second wave Paill Spectrum infections. The Paill Spectrum “Cause” leads to the observed behavioural “Effect”. “Effect”.  Many of the behaviours or symptoms are thought of as “normal” by their victims, until they disappear with treatment. 

The symptoms are easily recognised, are correlatable with generally available blood test result changes, and respond somewhat to intensive therapy with both nutritional and antibiotic regimens. There are some complex aspects to these circumstances however. 

Paill Spectrum . Back to Paill Behaviour Top


Erasmus Erasmus :
Losing It? &nbsp People around you losing it?

Partner hard to live with?&nbsp&nbsp Partner not who they used to be?

Seeing people around you doing things that don't make sense?

Thinking your friends are behaving mad or behaving sad?

Maybe there is a reason for this .

Erasmus Erasmus :
Doctors may prescribe drugs. Pharmaceutical medicines will make you feel better and act better.
But they will not "cure" you.

Think Paill Spectrum.

 Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : Typical situations with Paill Spectrum affected behaviour include :-((