Web Avatars: Erasmus and Kinkajou Erasmus and KinkajouErasmus and Kinkajou have acquired this site from former owners after the site fell over. Erasmus and Kinkajou feel that it is important to support new ideas. The human race if it is to succeed in the future needs to embrace knowledge and wisdom from its leading lights.

NO great symphony, piece of literature or work of art has ever been done by a committee. It is our individuals that carry us forward. Erasmus and Kinkajou have voted to support the Paill spectrum model as it proposes to change the world in a substantial and positive way. no one else has answers, so we may as well give a sympathetic hearing to those who feel they can see solutions.






For Information on this site about related medical conditions, Follow the links. The Paill Spectrum model suggests new possible causes and proposes new treatments for a number of medical conditions.

Existing cases cover topics such as:

The Gluten Free Cookbook is Available via the ENKPaill.com web site.


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Accessing Information Downloadable Information files (zip = pdf +mp3), are available directly through the web site. (File on the Download Page: approximately 12MB download). :-? :-O . :-0

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We have the Wheat free advice if you have the interest.Download our recipes. Read our advice.

Erasmus Erasmus and KinkajouKinkajou :
Closing the Circle: The Paill Spectrum Story

Closing the Circle: the CD CDs planned to be available in future .
" Treatment Advice Sheets" planned to be available in future

Dr Xxxxx plans to develop and make available specific advice relevant to the individual as "Treatment Advice Sheets". These are planned to be made available if enough interest in the site develops. To help us, promote the site to you friends or to other groups. Tell them about us via email, phone or whatever e-comms suit your fancy. This site has fallen over once already.
If you won't help us, maybe help yourself.

The detail should be sufficient to allow the average person to successfully diagnose and treat Paill Spectrum patients in the average medical practice in the western world. (Also to tell their doctor a thing or two).

The ENKie Team

Dr AXxxxx Dr AXxxxx : Medical Science will look after you and save you, (if there’s profit in it). The secrets of health gleaned by big companies with big marketing budgets will be crucial in your personal search for health.
“Believe. The truth is out there!”, someone said. Your faith will only ensure you are the first fool gone. Good riddance.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: We have developed a model of disease called Paill Spectrum. This theory explains many illnesses. Physical symptoms such as muscle aches and pains, chronic fatigue, sweats, tendonitis and conditions such as Fibromyalgia are important. But the Paill Spectrum model also explains psychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, autism, Aspergers, dyslexia, memory loss, ADD, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder and Learning Difficulties.
We know the treatment works. But the theory tells why. What to do, when things go wrong? Where to look for new symptoms? What you future will hold
Dax Learn about our team of web avatars, battling the prejudice of supercilious educated fools

Numbat Goo Goo: read our biography and our roles in working towards the truth.

Dr AXxxxx Dr AXxxxx : The truth may be out there but there are lots of idiot doctors as well. Treating yourself has more merit than listening to fools who know not their own limitations.

Erasmus Erasmus and KinkajouKinkajou :
Welcome to our site. Enjoy your journey down the rabbit hole. And where it goes, Dr X doth know.
You ignore what we tell, at your own risk.


description content
discusses a new theory to explain many illnesses with no currently known causer: symptoms, signs, diagnosis, treatment , doctors can change many aspects of the disease or illness. Treatment Advice Sheets introduce people to a new theory proposing new treatments for many medical conditions that currently have no known cause.

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Paill Spectrum, book, medical, symptom, gluten, syndrome, treatment, chronic fatigue, Xxxxx, Paill spectrum syndrome, road rage, domestic violence, anxiety, depression treatment, insomnia, dizziness, bad memory, sharp chest pains

abstract content :Autism, Aspergers, anxiety, depression, dyslexia, schizophrenia, memory loss, ADD, chronic fatigue, learning difficulties,bad behaviour, road rage, hair loss and obesity are discussed on this site. Treatments include gluten free diet, coeliac diet, vitamin tablets, antibiotics. The role of a new model of illness called Paill Spectrum in the causation of many diseases, symptoms and conditions with no currently known cause is discussed.





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