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Erasmus Erasmus : This page explores the phenomenon of poor memory, loss of memory with aging.  While Bad Memory is a common symptom of aging, the Paill Spectrum model predicts that it is not necessarily a "natural" symptom of aging. Memory Loss, Bad memory, poor memory, amnesia, perhaps even dementia and other degenerative diseases like Parkinsons, may be associated with the Paill Spectrum syndrome, (theoretical implication). Amnesia may be associated with a number of other hitherto unsuspected physical symptoms, which are usually present before the amnesia event occurs. The Paill Spectrum model discusses new symptoms and signs that may be associated with memory loss syndromes or amnesia.

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : This web page also focusses on New Treatment in the Paill Spectrum model for Bad Memory. Doctors and Patients can change many aspects of the disease or illness with Paill Spectrum diagnosis and treatment protocols. The Paill Spectrum model of disease is a new theory and not sanctioned by many established doctors such as psychiatrists. Loss of memory in life is not associated with illness or dementia in the standard medical model. Taken to its extreme, loss of memory throughout life often leads to dementia. This is a logical conclusion in the Paill Spectrum model, but not in the standard model of psychiatric disease

Still there are no objective methods to diagnose most of the psychiatric disorders. Over a number of years, patients diagnosed with one psychiatric illness may often become diagnosed with a different psychiatric illness. In the Paill Spectrum Illnesses, ill people are often found to have other specific symptoms. There are blood tests that can be done to confirm illness in the Paill Spectrum model. No such association with a test or tests exists in the standard medical psychiatric model of mental illness.


Bad Memory often becomes worse with age, and with poor nutrition, but how much of this process is natural? Have a memory like an elephant, or perhaps not?

Memory Problems in Adults, Loss of Memory:
perhaps a first wave or second wave Paill Spectrum infection

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : In the Paill Spectrum Model,
First wave Paill Spectrum affected individuals would be expected to have reduced digit memory span, while pure second wave affected individuals would be expected to have normal memory span. Most affected adults would be predicted to have a mixture of both types of problems.

There are two main subcategories of affected people. 

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : The DSM IV TR (the psychiatrists’ bible of medicine) defines amnestic disorders:
as an impaired ability to learn new information or being unable to recall previously learned information. 

Confabulation: which is the reporting of imaginary events to fill gaps in memory, may be noted in early stages of amnestic disorders, but tends to disappear in more advanced or prolonged forms of the illness.

Other currently accepted features of these syndromes include:

Age of Onset of the Amnestic Disorders

The age of onset and course of amnestic disorders is variable.

Blocked Way: Like a Bad Memory

Blocked! What's Behind the Door?

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : Causes of the Amnesia Like Disorders (Amnestic Disorders)

The main accepted causes of amnestic disorders includes "substance use" (drugs) and medical conditions affecting the structure and function of the brain.  There are still a large number of people who under the currently accepted model of this illness do not have a recognizable. or diagnosable cause of their illness.


Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : The Causation of Amnesia like disorders,
in The Paill Spectrum Model

The Paill Spectrum model as proposed by Dr. Xxxxx, suggests that many amnesia like illnesses are caused by infection with Paill Spectrum .  The presence of the Paill illness can be detected by specific blood tests, responds to specific antibiotics, (documentable by an IgG / IgM response to those same antibiotics) and is associated with other characteristic symptoms unique to the Paill Spectrum disease.  These other symptoms will also improve subtly and slowly but definitely with Paill Spectrum treatment.

The acute memory loss or "crisis" events are generally well amenable to full Paill Spectrum treatment. Memory function can be regained quite rapidly over two weeks in successful treatment, with no need for ongoing psychiatric medications. The patient feels generally well , is not anxious or depressed. One patient described by Dr. Xxxxx woke up one morning and asked the woman who was in bed with him, who she was. She replied that she was his girl friend of the last six months. He truly did not remember who she was. A simple course of Paill Spectrum therapy improved his day to day memory greatly along with his mood state and wellness He has not had any further strange memory events again, to date. Back to Bad Memory top 

The answers re Paill lie deep within the human brain. The answers re Paill lie deep within the human brain.

It is critical to treat people with effective therapy.  The illness will continue to progress even if the patient appears to make recovery from their acute memory loss event.

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Memory loss has always been an unusual event, little understood. Why should these things happen to anyone. Till the Paill Spectrum model offered an explanation for memory loss, there has even been little hope of treatment.

So how do I know I may have Paill Spectrum memory loss?
What Symptoms does the
Paill Spectrum model of Memory Loss predict?

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : Often Unrecognised Symptoms of Paill Spectrum
in Amnestic Patients May Include:
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Many natural symptoms of aging (also fatigue, chronic tiredness, sleeping more) may be due to a treatable medical condition.
Symptoms are chronic fatigue, tiredness, sleepy, may not just be coincidences







Other symptoms of Paill Spectrum will often be found if searched for. 

Stethoscope: Other symptoms of Paill Spectrum will often be found if searched for like Bad Memory

Erasmus Erasmus : Many of these symptoms and signs are of illness, are common to all Paill Spectrum Illnesses,
in the
Paill Spectrum Model.

The same list of unexpected findings would occur in many patients with a Paill Spectrum condition, since the underlying disease process is the same in all the illnesses.

Prognosis and Therapy of Amnesias in the Paill Spectrum Model

Erasmus Erasmus : Paill Spectrum disease model pioneered by Dr. Xxxxx states that current psychiatric medications only treat symptoms of illness , not the underlying disease. Using the Paill Spectrum protocols may assist with some of the other behavioural symptoms often associated with the Amnesia condition, such as depression, anxiety, or strange intense thoughts. (See Topics Page for more information) Back to Bad Memory top  

Most amnesia like events spontaneously resolve as the Paill Spectrum crisis event resolves and tissue swelling eases.

There is no magic cure for people who have a long history of Amnesia, Memory Loss, and Amnestic Disorders.  The damage to memory strands has already been done.   Amnesia short term tends to give way to cross linked memory long term.

In the Paill Spectrum Model,
Without treatment however this Paill Spectrum condition continues to progress.  The next phase of the progression of a long term Paill Spectrum developmental illness involves:


Kinkajou Kinkajou : Paill Spectrum treatment comes as a package deal.  All of the types of nutritional and antibiotic therapy are critical to the long-term treatment success.  Bizarre and unpleasant events may occur with treatment.  Dr. Xxxxx regards these as signposts on the road to recovery, not as reasons to abandon treatment. :-}The conclusions arising from the Paill Spectrum model of disease as pioneered by Dr. Xxxxx, implies that the causation of many medical conditions varies substantially from current medical thinking.  Until research and further assessment of these concepts validates the concepts proposed, you must make your own mind up about what treatment regime you follow.  Paill Spectrum therapy gives distinct identifiable and measurable feedback to both patients and their treating doctors at every step of a therapy cycle.  Symptoms improve and these are usually obvious to patients, their carers and their doctors, usually starting from within two weeks of initiation of the treat

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Wave 1 Layer 1 + late severe( Wave2 layer 1 andWave 3 + Colonisation Layer 1)


Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx : Symptoms that the Paill Spectrum Model suggests may be associated with memory loss include:

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Erasmus Erasmus : This web page has a focus on the deterioration of memory with age. There may be an alternate explanation for why people's memory deteriorates with age. The page discusses the role of a new disease model (Paill Spectrum) to explain Memory Loss.

Memory loss occurs with age gradually and insidiously. Many people in their 40s will tell you, “When I was 20 I could remember lots of phone numbers. Now it’s not so easy and I really have to make an effort to memorize the numbers.”
According to the Paill Spectrum model, this deterioration of memory with age may not just be due to aging.

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